About us - Our vision

My Music is a relaxed, friendly and non intimidating environment where you can learn a Woodwind Musical Instrument. Our teachers will guide you step by step and our emphasis is learning through fun, whether you would like to play in a group or learn to play "Stranger on the Shore". My Music can help you achieve your own goals.

You can have individual lessons or why not share the experience with a friend. Come along and enjoy a FREE taster lesson and see for yourself. There is no obligation, so why not give it a try?

How much does it cost?

Lessons will usually last 30 minutes and can either be individual or within a group. Groups will usually consist of two people however if you have a few friends who want to learn together please just let us know. For prices please see below:

Individual 30 minute lessons are charged at £18.

30 minute group lessons for two people learning the same instrument are £12 per person


I've been learning the Alto Sax with Vicky since June and have had a lesson most weeks. Vicky is always bright and breezy and quickly buildsyour confidence in developing some recognisable sounds whilst being very patient if some notes don't come out as planned. Lessons fly by, are always fun and I've always felt I've made some progress after every lesson at a pace I'm comfortable with. The books and backing tracks she uses are a great help too when practicing. I havent been able to get to monthly group sessions yet but am looking forward to having a go. I\d put off starting lessons for too long and wished I'd started years ago.
I got hooked on the idea of playing the Clarinet when I went along to Dawkes Woodwind Shop in Maidenhead on National Music Day in March. The atmosphere in the shop was warm and welcoming. I started to have lessons with "smiley" Vicky at the end of April. At the moment I have weekly lessons and a group of us meet up with Vicky once a month to practise our "news skills" as an ensemble, we have lots of fun. I am sometimes frustrated in lessons and practise, because I can't always get the sound I want and Vicky turns a deaf ear to the occasional ****! The lessons are always fun and inspiring and Vicky is quick to acknowledge improvements which is very encouraging. It truly is never too late to learn to play music and lessons with Vicky are in my opinion, the perfect way to "give it a go".
What can I do with my spare time at the age of 82! LEARN TO PLAY THE SAXOPHONE!!! I borrowed a friend's saxophone and had a trial lesson with Vicky at Dawkes and thoroughly enjoyed the experience and have since acquired the sax and continued having regular lessons with Vicky. She has been very patient with me and I am making steady progress. I always look forward to my lessons and hope to carry on for many years to come.
Learning to play an instrument enriches body and mind. I started in October at the age of 24, with no previous knowledge of reading music, and I had never played any instrument before now, just 5 months later I can already delight my audience with cathy little tunes, scales and arpeggios! I find the flute a beautiful piece of art and the sound it makes is just brilliant. Vicky is great: a caring, supportive and encouring teacher, just what I need. She is very professional and capable with her fun and laughter that is always in the air. She will always get the best out of you
I'm 52 and have been learning the sax (alto) for about a year now. Vicky has been my teacher since early 2012. I couldn't read music when I first met her and now I'm on Grade 2 music books. She's is always encouraging and positive, even when you don't feel you've made progress, she can find something that you are doing well. Lessons are fun, but you leave feeling you've learnt something new. She will play along with you, which makes the lesson feel more participative and the music sound really good!!. The other thing that works for me is her flexible approach. You don't have to work through the book like creeping death if you don't want to. You can identify the type of music you like to hear/play and she'll find it for you........she even found the guitar chords so my hubby could play along at home.....this is a work in progress :-). This is just my approach to learning and may not be everyone's, but Vicky's willingness to adapt to my style has made it an enjoyable learning experience. The other activity I really enjoy is Vicky's Woodwind "band". We're all at a similar level and learning to play together, listening out for each other. (You're never too old to start, one of our group is over 80. I hope I'm still up for new challenges when I'm 80!!!). It's a great way to learn the significance of timing and volume!! I'm amazed how Vicky changes instruments - piano, clarinet, flute, Alto and Tenor sax.......I have enough of a challenge with sharps and flats :-) Hope to see you soon in our group!!!