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"I have been lucky enough to have participated in the group sessions from their inception three years ago.
Playing with others is very stimulating and Vicky makes sure the music we play is varied ... read more
"We enjoy the experience of playing with the band. Great to be able to join in even with limited experience.
We have made new friends and tried new things even playing in public. Weather guaranteed to be beautiful.
"Enjoy the opportunity to give free reign to our saxes and hear the mix of tenor ,alto and baritone.
Makes us feel cool. Great satisfaction when we've mastered a challenging piece ... read more
"My objective is to have fun playing the clarinet and to progress in my playing ability and refine the technical skills required to make a 'decent sound'. My weekly lessons at Dawkes fulfil those objectives ... read more
"We always look forward to our lessons and have great fun. Amazingly Vicky always manages to find some positive points! Thanks Vicky and now thanks to Georgie