"Kids are not the only ones who benefit from downtime – time to do whatever your heart desires. Adults need to play, for their health, their minds and their very sanity."

Ever wanted to learn an instrument but not sure where to start. My Music is just the place! Our friendly teachers will help you to achieve your full potential whether it be learning just for fun or learning to play the piece of music you have always wanted to. Some of the reasons adults have told us they enjoy playing.


What will I need?

To start nothing..... just you! Come along and enjoy a FREE taster lesson. Our teachers will take you through each starting step and show you how to get your first notes. Maybe you cant decide which instrument to learn and would like to try a saxophone and clarinet. No problem, our teachers will show you both. When you decide that you cant wait for your next lesson, we will find a time that suits you and then... let the fun begin! There are only a few things you will need to get started:2 tutor books, music stand and reeds (for clarinet and saxophone.)

Of course you will need an instrument however when you start your lessons, My Music will lend you an instrument for FREE for 3 months. Just to help you get started. At the end of the 3 months My Music will advise you how to continue the rental or help you choose the right instrument for you. Rental prices range from £15-£27 per month. For more information see Dawkes Music